Our Life

The Start of Christian's Declining Health

From Christian:

I have been diabetic since my early 20s. During this period, the diabetes was controlled well. Due to some unfortunate events, I lost my health coverage and that's when my diabetes spiraled. This led to my kidney functions slowly deteriorating. I eventually got health insurance again but the disease had already done its damage.

How did I know something was wrong?

I was working and noticed a small bubble appear in my vision. It started expanding and blurred my vision. I went to see an optometrist and learned the blood vessels in my eye had burst due to high blood pressure and decreasing kidney function. Yes, it all connects. I scheduled surgery to get it corrected but soon after, I noticed I was gaining more weight than an average person would. Turned out I was retaining water, my legs were always swollen and I wasn't urinating as frequently as I should. After taking some tests, I learned my kidney function dropped to about 25%. 

What happened next?

I started to see a nephrologist (kidney doctor) monthly. From the test results, she recommended I start on dialysis. It sounded like a difficult treatment and was in denial that I was going through this for someone in their 30's. Because of my mindset, I didn't want to start on dialysis right away. The nephrologist gave me the option to decide when I would begin the treatment. So instead of going on dialysis immediately, I focused on having a strict diet, taking my concoctions of medication and exercising. Even by doing these things, my kidney function was slowly deteriorating. My kidney function had now dropped down to 13%. At that point, I had to start dialysis so I scheduled a surgery to have a peritoneal dialysis catheter. A few weeks later, after several days of training, I was on home peritoneal dialysis.

After a follow-up appoint for eye surgery to remove air bubbles

After a follow-up appoint for eye surgery to remove air bubbles