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How far would you go for your love?

This can be a bit cliché but when you’re in love and you never want to let that person go, you’ll do anything for him/her. How far would you go? Would you really do anything for love?

When Christian and I started dating, getting engaged, married, having a child never crossed my mind. I was living in the moment but knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Fast forward after dating for a couple years, Christian proposed [at a Golden State Warriors game with Mickey ears]. To have this man show me that I was the one he wanted to be with forever, made me feel so loved and wanted. Almost an indescribable feeling.

Taken court side after Christian proposed (2014).

Taken court side after Christian proposed (2014).

During all this time, his health was worsening. When it got to the point where Christian was diagnosed with ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease), placed on dialysis and on the transplant list (UNOS - United Network for Organ Sharing), it was devastating. His doctor advised the best chance for him to get a kidney transplant sooner was to go through a live donor. Receiving this news broke my heart. I was ultimately losing my best friend to this disease. I was mad that God was putting him, me, US through this. He’s supposed to be there with me through everything, going through new experiences together, sharing moments of laughter, creating memories, helping me raise Isla together, watching her grow up, him dealing with her boyfriend(s), walking her down the aisle at her wedding, dancing the father-daughter dance, and spoil grand-kids together. All these thoughts of how I imagined we would live our life was starting to be my imagination. This…. was everything that this disease was taking him away from me.

No one should ever have to experience something like this. EVER.

I want Christian to live the life that any average mid-30 year old should be living.

There are reasons why we cross paths with certain people. Everyone has a purpose to be in someone’s life. And this got me thinking. What is my purpose of being in Christian’s life? This health issue he’s dealing with presented itself as how I would serve my purpose in his life.

Long story short. After several testings, I (we) found out I’m a match to donate a kidney to Christian.

So, how far would I go for love? I’d give up my kidney, putting my life on the line, to have my love live a better life, even if that means it could be without me.

Our first Valentine’s Day Date

Our first Valentine’s Day Date