Our Life


When life comes at you in different directions, it can make any decision you make questionable. You start to think if the decision you made was the right one.

When I decided to start the process of seeing if I was a match for Christian, making the decision to donate to him wasn’t difficult at all. It was, is this the right thing to do for our family? What would happen to Isla if we don’t make it out of surgery? Should I wait to see if someone else is a match?

We contemplated over this for a months. We were both concerned about Isla and growing up without both her parents. I know this was a very negative and dramatic thought but we had to think about the pros and cons of me donating. The pros outweighed the cons. Plus, Isla is surrounded by so much family, we know she would be very well taken care of.

When I made the decision to be Christian’s donor, I was in the middle of taking a course, “Power of You” by Mel Robbins. If you don’t know her, look her up. She’s awesome! An inspiration and great motivator. She created this 5-second rule (not the one where if you drop food on the floor and have 5 seconds before contemplating if you should eat it 😂 but similar concept). This 5-second rule has to do with your mindset. Counting down from 5 to 1 to do something. As soon as you count to 1, you get your ass up and do whatever it is you need to do. Well, this course has changed my life for the better. It gave me a different perspective of my purpose. It gave me strength to make the initial step to see if I was a match to be Christian’s donor. I’m forever thankful to Mel for her powerful message.

At the time I was taking Mel’s course, I submitted my questionnaire to UC Davis Transplant Center to see if I was a match. After a few weeks, I received a call detailing next steps that required me to head to Sacramento for additional testing. I wanted so bad to surprise Christian with the news but in a “viral-type” way. That didn’t happen lol. Because things were moving so quickly and it was after the new year in 2018, had trips planned for the month, I had to tell Christian why I was heading to UC Davis. He was hopeful that I would be a match. So was I.

After an overnight stay in Sacramento with my mom accompanying me, tests after tests and meetings, I was confident knowing that I would be Christian’s donor. I just wish I was more creative in sharing the news with him. But life happens and either way I tell it, it’s exciting news no matter how it gets shared.