Our Life

Reaction to Louise being my donor

When I found out Louise was going to be my donor it was a complete surprise, even though she did not get to do her whole reveal. I must have been on dialysis for about a year and we did have potential donors but they did not make the final cuts. I know it was only a year and some odd months but I was already tired of dialysis. I know others have waited longer for transplant but I was willing and ready. Waiting and being told I almost had a donor only to be denied months after the initial test is heartbreaking.

Louise was well into her testing when I found out. Actually she was already in her final screenings. In a way I felt very selfish. I was overjoyed to have a donor. But after I settled down from the high of excitement, I started to think about Isla. What if something were to happen to me or Louise? What if one of us doesn’t make it? We have been reassured of the safety of this procedure but it still in the back of your mind.

Some days it fills me with joy that I found and fell in love with someone who could truly save my life. That is probably the best thing I’ve ever won in life. Other days I am so concerned about Louise’s health after the surgery. Sometimes I want to tell her to call it off and I’ll just wait to see if someone else will be a donor. I remember, I didn’t want to ask anyone because it is such a tough thing to ask of anyone to do. But I welcomed anyone who was willing to do the tests and questionnaires.

Again, I am absolutely elated that I have a donor and that my donor is my wife. If she believes and feels she is doing the right thing, I am behind her to be supportive of her decision 100%.