Our Life

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”


We opened so much about oursleves battling end-stage renal disease ESRD. The struggles we go through with our relationship with each other, our friends, and our family; what battles and roadblocks we’ve encountered trying to figure out how to live life as normal as possible. But what we haven’t opened up is about this long distance relationship Christian and I are also weaving into this complicated life we already have.

It’s not unusual for long distance relationships to happen even as married couples, but it’s still tough living several states apart. It has helped us build a stronger relationship.

Why are we living apart? Short story - last year I was given the opportunity to relocate with the organization I work with. A great company that I was lucky to get my foot in the door when I was pregnant with our daughter, Isla in 2014. It took Christian some time to be convinced that moving was a good option for us. Fast forward, we bought a house in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area in Texas. And because my job is there, I’ve been living in Texas by myself (with Bruno for the last 2 months). I try to travel home every month because I want to be with my family. Yes, it’s costly BUT nothing is more valuable than the time spent with my husband and daughter. I feel like I miss out on so much with Isla going to preschool - holiday celebrations, fundraisers, activities. I’m not going to lie, I’ve cried because I wish I was there to help her. I feel guilt but know that this situation is only temporary.

This is only one hurdle of our journey we need to get through. I’m (we’re) doing what needs to be done and making it work. As long as we’re both supporting each other, and we have a great support system behind us, we’ll get through anything.